BME Change Makers


Mindset Hygiene, Career Advancing Strategies and Professional Skills

A collection of resources, latest research and solutions based interventions for Black and Minority based Professionals who want support with mindset hygiene, advancing in their  careers and the latest take on those professional skills needed in role. 

Mindset hygiene

A blend of positive psychology, behavioural coaching and mindfulness techniques.

Resources support authentic leadership  and a balanced and well rounded approach to well being.

Career advancing strategies

Resources to assist Changemakers to take a strategic and proactive approach to their career.  This includes negotation techniques,  understanding organisational politics and generally navigating networks and generally advancing careers.

Professional Skills

A range of professional techniques for BME Changemakers who are in highly visible roles and therefore focused on influence, credibility and gravitas.


A collection of resources, latest research and solutions based interventions for BME to include supporting mindset hygiene, nurture careers and provide professional skills.

Become a Corporate Member

Your organisation can provide support to it’s Black and Minority based managers by sponsoring access to 100’s of resources.

Some of these benefits are below.;

  • Lead the way pioneering Leadership Development techniques tailored to the needs of Black and Asian Minority Managers.
  • Become a thought leader and innovator in Inclusive Leadership
  • Tailor lessons in line with your strategic objectives and organisational context Capture organisational learning and develop knowledge network tailored to your products/services
  • Provide support across the employee lifecycle for a targeted population Avoid “sheep dip”, deficit based and/or out dated diversity and inclusive programs.
  • We work with you to understand your business challenges, employee demographics, and existing benefits and policies to build a proposal based on your needs.
  • We’ll provide you with member profiles and usage reports. You’ll hear feedback, and see the uptake; allowing you to understand the issues and trends in your company, and the tangible benefits.



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